About Us


QT Ag Online is a marketing site providing producers with the most relevant and up-to-date domestic and international agricultural news. Collaborating with a network of industry professionals and market experts, QT Ag Online shares the information farmers want to read — without the fluff — through reliable reporting and commentary.

Agribusiness profesionals as well as livestock and crop producers can depend on QT Ag Online to find the most current and accurate information in the marketplace delivered directly to their desktop, tablet and smartphone.

In addition, QT Ag Online is home to exclusive features that farmers can access for free, such as QT audio that highlights industry-leading commodity voices, QT news that presents breaking news, government reports, and more, as well as QT Quotes (delayed) and QT Weather.

QT Mission Statement: to provide the U.S. AG producer the very best timely information, quotes, and news in a broad based system in which the producer can place his confidence and trust.

QT Info Systems was founded in 2003 with a mission to fill a void in the marketplace for accurate and timely commodity news and information. The goal was to provide tools and services for industry-related professionals in an intuitive and easily navigable format.

Since it launched its first quote and charting platform in 2003, QT Info has evolved into a one-stop source for commodity information, providing everything from quotes and government reports to weather updates, market analysis, radio commentary, and mass calling services. Offering a complete database of news, analysis and statistics, QT has grown into one of the best agricultural resources in the world, servicing large corporations and Fortune 500 companies at home and abroad.

Located in the 12th floor atrium of the Chicago Board of Trade, QT is in constant contact with numerous sources in exchanges and trading floors across the country and around the world. Working with a diversified network of seasoned analysts and market experts, we are able to collect the most current and accurate information in the marketplace and deliver it directly to your desktop, tablet and smartphone.